Effective October 13th, 2020

NOTE: These Rules and Regulations are not to be rewritten for a period of three (3) years.  Amendments may be made during the next three (3) years.

Quiet hours are 11:00 P.M. to 7:00 A.M.  Please be considerate of your neighbors.  Excessive noise, drunkenness, and/or unruly behavior will not be tolerated.  Construction work may take place during the week, on Saturdays during the hours of 9 and 5, with no noisy construction work done on Sunday. 


PLEASE do not walk or drive through sites other than your own.  There are designated pathways which are for walking only.  Please no pets on pathways.

​Fireworks are not permitted at any time in the park.  Burning of wood, trash, leaves and oil-burning tiki torches is not permitted on any individual sites.  Propane Heaters/fire rings are allowed on individual sites and must be CSA or UL approved.


 Coin washers and dryers are available.  Residents using the equipment will clean it after every use and leave it in a condition suitable for use by the next person.  You can use the drying lines in the yard behind the laundry room.  Bumper lines on the back of RVs are permissible.  Drying lines on awnings or trees are prohibited. 

​No animal bedding is to be washed or dried in our laundry.

​Please report any problems with the machines to the office.


 These are for the use of Park residents, guests and campers.  Smoking is not permitted in park buildings or in common areas.  There will be no littering of smoking materials in the park.  Sumter County prohibits the use of the club house kitchen by any one individual user.  The kitchen is to be used for park functions only


 All pets must be kept on a leash of no more than 6’ at all times.  Pets must not be left unattended outdoors.  Owners must pick up after and dispose of pet waste.  Proof of rabies inoculation must be given to the office.  PLEASE REFER TO THE PET PAGE FOR FURTHER INFORMATION.


 Mail is delivered Monday through Saturday as determined by the Post Office and put into assigned boxes.  Your name will be posted on the chalkboard when you have packages.  Packages will be held in the office for your pickup.  Please erase your name from the board after pickup.


 Your duplicate house key may be left at the office for safe keeping.  It will NOT be released to any other person unless the Park Manager has your permission in writing to do so, or your direct phone call.

​There will be a charge of $10.00 for a lost mailbox key.


 Florilow Oaks, Inc. does not provide a FEMA approved hurricane shelter.  In case of a Hurricane, or Tornado, it is recommended that you do not remain on your RV, mobile or manufactured home.

Shelter information can be found by calling (352) 569-1600 or


 The speed limit in the park is TEN (10) miles per hour or preferably under.  All stop signs MUST be obeyed.  The infraction of these two rules is seen every day in our park.


 Florilow Oaks, Inc., the park and management are not liable for damages, theft, or injury to persons or property occurring within the park.

​Management is not responsible for damage by lightning, electrical surges, or any other acts of nature.

​Florilow Oaks, Inc. does not promise, warrant, or guarantee the safety or security of any resident, occupants or guests or their personal property against the criminal or negligent actions of other residents, occupants, guests, invitees, contractors, or third parties.

​Each resident and occupant has the responsibility to protect himself/herself and to maintain appropriate insurance to protect his/her belongings including items within or on the premises and vehicles from criminal acts, negligent acts, fire, windstorm, hurricanes, plumbing leaks, smoke, or any acts of God. 

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