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Park Rules & Regulations







Effective June 14, 2021


THIS IS YOUR HOME – These regulations are to protect you, your home and to make your Campground and Mobile Home Park a quiet, safe and comfortable place to live and have fun.  These regulations will be strictly enforced.  Any violations will be addressed by the Park Manager and will be handled according to the policy regarding failure to comply, which is attached.


  1. CARE & HEALTH: Florilow Oaks Campground and Mobile Home Park does not provide facilities for persons who are not self-sufficient in their living arrangements.  All residents who become temporarily or permanently unable to be self-sufficient are asked to make arrangements for their own care and welfare.  Persons residing in the park who, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, are not able to care for themselves will be asked to make living arrangements elsewhere.  It is imperative that each resident has emergency contact information on file in the office.  It is also recommended that Red Medical Information Envelopes to be displayed near your entrance door.

  2. CONSIDERATION OF NEIGHBORS: Quiet hours are 11:00 P.M. to 7:00 A.M.  Please be considerate of your neighbors.  Excessive noise, drunkenness, and/or unruly behavior will not be tolerated.  Construction work may take place during the week, on Saturdays during the hours of 9 and 5, with no noisy construction work done on Sunday.  PLEASE do not walk or drive through sites other than your own.  There are designated pathways which are for walking only.  Please no pets on pathways.

  3. Fireworks are not permitted at any time in the park.  Burning of wood, trash, leaves and oil-burning tiki torches is not permitted on any individual sites.  Propane Heaters/Propane Fire Rings are allowed on individual sites and must be CSA or UL approved.

  4. A guest of a Shareholder (both family and unrelated) may stay with you at the rate of $3.00/night per person, plus tax.  You must be present in your home to have a guest stay. Exceptions may be made by management or The Board.

A Shareholder’s/Leaseholder’s “Permanent Guest” is someone who stays longer than thirty (30) days per year with a shareholder/leaseholder.  A “Permanent Guest” must be 55 years of age, undergo a background check (at their expense) and pay a flat fee of $90.00 per month, plus tax each and every month. 




Additions and exterior improvements may be made by residents only after they have completed a Construction Request Form from the office and have had approval by the board.

After the board approval, Sumter County Zoning and County requirements must be met for any job requiring a permit.  You must have a permit if one is required.

Your contractor must check in with the office to verify approval and permits are in place before beginning work.  We require all contractors to have a license when a job requires a permit.  This is for your protection.

After your request has been approved by the Board of Directors, a copy of the request will be signed and returned to you.  If possible, requests for construction should be submitted no later than April 1st as the Board does not meet during the summer.

  1. Any washer and dryer (if not replacing an existing unit) must be installed by a licensed plumber/electrician.Water discharge must be connected to the park water and sewer lines.Appliances must be installed your unit/home or shed.

  2. No pools are allowed on individual sites.Hot tubs are allowed if medically required with a Doctor’s written order, and with the approval of the Board of Directors.

  3. All homes that do not leave the park every six (6) months for an extended period of time must be skirted with vinyl or hard covering.

  4. Sheds may be placed on individual sites with Manager approval.Sheds may be no larger than 10’ x 10’ and 8’ x 4” high with blocking.Tie downs are required on all sheds.New sheds should be no larger than the one being replaced and must have management approval.

  5. Planting, trimming or removing hedges, trees or fences must be approved by the Park Manager and Board of Directors.

  6. Nothing permanent may be placed within 6 feet of any roadway.

  7. Free standing shade/screen enclosures of up to 100 sq.ft. are permitted.They must be securely anchored during your stay and must be taken down and safely stowed at the end of your stay.




Individual sites must be kept in an orderly fashion neat, clean and free of litter.  No storage is allowed under or around the trailer or anywhere that is visible, except for sheds, permanent or temporary.  No trash is to be kept outside your unit.  It must be disposed of properly in the dumpster near the maintenance shed.

You are not to place any large items by the dumpster or maintenance shed for disposal such as appliances, TVs or furniture.  There will be $50 fine if found doing so.  It is your responsibility to have these items removed and disposed of.

All rigs, and residences must be fully self-contained (bathroom/running water), with facilities for cooking.

All vehicles must be in running condition with current registration/tag.  Those that do not run or have a current tag will be subject to being towed out of the park at the owner’s expense.  They will be considered abandoned vehicles.

All residences must ensure that their sites are cleaned up and outdoor furniture and decorations are securely stowed before leaving for the summer.  If we are forced to secure your site due to a hurricane threat, we may dispose of your belongings and you may be charged.

Signs with words on them are not allowed on individual lots (Park Land).  You may display signs on your personal property such as your car, mobile home, RV, etc.

Management is not responsible for damage by lightning, electrical surges, or any other acts of nature.

Yard sales are not permitted on individual sites.

Exterior of rigs/residences must be properly cleaned and maintained.



Coin washers and dryers are available.  Residents using the equipment will clean it after every use and leave it in a condition suitable for use by the next person.  You can use the drying lines in the yard behind the laundry room.  Bumper lines on the back of RVs are permissible.  Drying lines on awnings or trees are prohibited. 

No animal bedding is to be washed or dried in our laundry.

Please report any problems with the machines to the office.



These are for the use of Park residents and guests.  Smoking is not permitted in park buildings or in common areas.  There will be no littering of smoking materials in the park.  Sumter County prohibits the use of the club house kitchen by any one individual user.  The kitchen is to be used for park functions only.




All pets must be kept on a leash of no more than 6’ at all times.  Pets must not be left unattended outdoors.  Owners must pick up after and dispose of pet waste.  Proof of rabies inoculation must be given to the office.  PLEASE REFER TO THE PET PAGE FOR FURTHER INFORMATION.




Renting of your home or “loaning” your home for occupancy is not permitted. 

Guests with their own units are not allowed to park on shareholder/leaseholder sites.  They are required to be put on a rental site at regular rates.  If they request to stay on a shareholder/leaseholder site, they must pay full rental site fee.

Family can stay in the park at the Passport America rates.



Mail is delivered Monday through Saturday as determined by the Post Office and put into assigned boxes.  Your name will be posted on the chalkboard when you have packages.  Packages will be held in the office for your pickup.  Please erase your name from the board after pickup.



Your duplicate house key may be left at the office for safe keeping.  It will NOT be released to any other person unless the Park Manager has your permission in writing to do so, or your direct phone call.



You may only store a cargo trailer, open trailer, car dolly or boat on your site if you have 8.5 shares.  All shareholders and leaseholders are entitled to one (1) storage spot free of charge.  Storage spots are assigned by park management, you do not get to choose which storage spot you wish to have.  You must renew your storage site each year with the office.

Additional storage sites for shareholders/leaseholders and renters must be prepaid at thirty (30) dollars per month plus tax.

Except for loading and unloading, with a maximum time of (3) three days in any (90) day period, more than one recreational vehicle is not allowed on site.  Management and BOD will review any requests for exceptions.  A fine of $50.00 per day will be assessed for any violations.

If your RV is not your only source of transportation, and if your site is 5,000 square feet or less your RV must be parked in the Park storage area.  Sites of more than 5000 square feet (eight and one/half shares) would be able to store an RV or vehicle.  If management determines that this RV or vehicle obstructs the view of others or gives a cramped, cluttered yard appearance, you will be notified to move this vehicle to the storage area.  Failure to do so will result in a fine of $50.00 per day.

All vehicles placed in storage must be in running condition, movable ready (no flat tires, etc.), and have an up to date license plate.  All vehicles and units should be kept clean.

If you wish to advertise your vehicle or RV for sale, the Manager will let you know where it can be placed out in front for a period of (30) days.



Employees are instructed NOT to take special requests from residents.  All requests for service must be brought to the attention of the Park Manager in writing, who will designate work assignments to employees.  Complaints must be in writing and signed.



Florilow, Inc. does not provide a FEMA approved hurricane shelter.  In case of a Hurricane, or Tornado, it is recommended that you do not remain on your RV, mobile or manufactured home.

Shelter information can be found by calling (352) 569-1600 or



The speed limit in the park is TEN (10) miles per hour or preferably under.  All stop signs MUST be obeyed.  The infraction of these two rules is seen every day in our park.



Florilow, Inc., the park and management are not liable for damages, theft, or injury to persons or property occurring within the park.

Management is not responsible for damage by lightning, electrical surges, or any other acts of nature.

Florilow, Inc. does not promise, warrant, or guarantee the safety or security of any resident, occupants or guests or their personal property against the criminal or negligent actions of other residents, occupants, guests, invitees, contractors, or third parties.


Each resident and occupant has the responsibility to protect himself/herself and to maintain appropriate insurance to protect his/her belongings including items within or on the premises and vehicles from criminal acts, negligent acts, fire, windstorm, hurricanes, plumbing leaks, smoke, or any acts of God.


Rules and Regulations may be rewritten, clarified, or changed at any time by the Board of Directors and Manager. 

Florilow, Inc.

AMENDED MAY 13, 2021

Effective June 13, 2021

Policy Regarding Failure to Comply with Park Rules and Regulations



When an individual has failed to comply with the Park Rules and Regulations, a letter advising the nature of the infraction will be sent by the Park Manager advising them of the problem/issue that needs correcting. If the infraction has not been corrected within the specified time frame given in the letter, a minimum fine of $ 50.00 will be assessed. 

If the violation continues, the matter will be brought before the Board of Directors for their resolution.  Individuals who repeatedly violate rules and regulations will be asked to vacate the Park.

Individuals who owe fine(s) will lose their voting rights until the infraction is resolved.

If the fine(s) remain unpaid at the time of sale of your site/home, the amount due will be deducted from your shares redeemed.

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