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Pets - Park Rules & Regulations

Property of Florilow, Inc.

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Effective April 1, 2021


We welcome your furry family members. We have the strict policy that no more than two (2) dogs reside at any site.  Pets may be outside on a leash, unattended, as long as the owner is on the property. Leashes for walking pets must be no more than six (6) feet and do not allow your pet to roam or relieve themselves on other sites or in the gardens while walking around the park.  Limit your dog to no more than three (3) feet off the pavement.


Complaints of Dogs that bark continuously will be brought to the attention of the Management. You may be asked to leave Florilow if the situation continues.


Sumter County requires up-to-date rabies inoculation and proof thereof. Please present your proof when you check-in so a copy may be placed in your file. Sumter County does not require proof of other inoculations; however, you should be aware that Parvovirus, Distemper, Kennel Cough, and Canine Influenza can be problems in Florida, especially for puppies and elderly dogs.


You are welcome to use our fenced dog run on the north side of the pond.  Please use the entry enclosure before unleashing and leashing and make sure both gates are closed at all times.  Dogs may be unleashed in the area between the pond and Hwy 301.   Route 301 is a very busy highway so you as the pet owner must ensure your pet’s safety! If we find that owners are not picking up after their pets in this area, this new privilege will be rescinded. Dogs may not be left unattended in the dog run.  Please immediately separate and remove any dogs that get into a conflict.  Dobermans, Rottweilers and pit bulls or a mixed breed of such dogs are not allowed at Florilow Oaks.


Temporary folding exercise pens may be erected on your site, but no permanent fencing will be permitted.


You are responsible for cleaning up after your pets, whether it’s on your site, around the Park or in the dog run.  Waste should be bagged and deposited in your own trash, the dumpster, or in the container in the dog run.  You must provide your own disposal bags.


In the event of a dog attack or bite, whether it involves another animal or a human, the concerned persons should call Animal Services at (352) 569-1960. Anyone may report the problem. Animal Services will need to know the status of the animals involved; whether there are any wounds, etc.  They will come out and assess the situation and will need proof of inoculation against rabies.  Animal Services wants any problems to be reported immediately.  If an attack happens after 5:00 PM the Sumter County Sheriff’s Department should be called at (352) 569-1600. They will refer the incident to Animal Services the following morning.  You may be asked to leave Florilow if your pet cases a problem.


If you know your pet is animal- aggressive, fearful, or reactive, please pay attention and keep your pet under control.  Don’t assume other pets are friendly, and don’t assume other owners or park residents want to visit with your pet.


Dogs are not welcome at any Park sponsored social function, in any buildings, at the fire pit, unless Certified Service Animal, or at the Rec. Hall breezeway.  Private gatherings at individual sites are left up the site holders.  Dogs may be tied to the bike racks or clothes lines long enough for you to get your mail or use the restrooms.  Please do not leave them there for more than 10 minutes.


Pet bedding MAY NOT be washed in the park washing machines or dried in park dryers.


The State of Florida holds that pet owners are fully responsible and liable for their pets’ actions and behavior.  Florilow Oaks, Inc. assumes no responsibility for pets’ actions or behavior and reserves the right to require that an offending pet be removed from the park.

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